Art of Nature

Drawing on my inspiration from our natural and evolving world has guided me as an artist. Many of my ideas are configured from patterns, shadows, organic shapes, discovered during a walk in the woods, or while hunting the the waters edge for the treasured stone. I collect pebbles from a riverbank, or gather stones worn smooth from the ebbing tide. I am drawn to the chatter of the tumbling stones and I find calmness and comfort in their smooth, surf polished form. I am a painter, metalsmith and adventurer who embraces art as a journey. Creative expression has always been my first language, a visual communication, sometimes my work tells a story, whether it is a two dimensional piece, or a three dimensional piece, it translates into a means of expression. The longer the journey the more rounded the stone. How the work is translated is subject to interpretation. My designs reflect the pathway between heart and hand. Thank you for supporting the organic and handcrafted arts

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